vaults: novel cell particles

Vaults for Big Kids

Vaults are components of cells that were first described in 1986. Because the particle is abundant in all cells of higher organisms and highly conserved throughout evolution, it is likely that the function of the vault is important to life. This website is designed for the educated non-scientist. It summarizes the present state of knowlege of this fascinating particle.


Composition of the Vault

CryoEm Structure

Vault RNA (vRNA)

Cellular Distribution

Vault Components

Dictyostelium MVP Mutants

Cellular Localization

Vaults and Nuclear Pores

Multidrug Resistance



Designer Vaults

Delivery of Vaults to Cells

Targeting Vaults to Cell Receptors

Vaults as "Smart Adjuvants"

Delivering Vaults to the Cytoplasm

Concluding Remarks


Frequently Asked Questions

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